• Choirul Bongso Universitas Paramadina
Keywords: environmental foreign policy, Paris Agreement, climate chang, United States of America


This article aims to describe the United States' environmental foreign policy in the Donald Trump regime as well as to analyze the causes or factors that determine Trump's policy in withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement directly after he replaced the previous president, Barack Obama. Qualitative research methods, descriptive-explanatory and literature review were used, and used the Rational Actor Model described by Mohtar Mas'oed and Thomas Burch in looking at the foreign policy taken by Trump as the executive leader. The results of the study found that Trump's actions responded to the policies of the global climate regime to secure the accumulation of profits from the electricity industry which contributed large revenues to the country's GDP treasury and fulfilled its political promises to its supporters. Trump calculated that there would be losses in the economic sector and domestic coal resources due to the Clean Power Plan policy


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