All the manuscripts will be checked using the Turnitin application to ensure that the manuscripts are free from plagiarism practice. If there is an indication of plagiarism, the manuscript will instantly be rejected.

Plagiarism-free writing must meet the following requirements:
1. Writings that quote other people's writings (indirectly) that have been paraphrased with a different set of words, not copying and pasting or typing the source word for word, and writing down reading sources according to scientific writing rules.
2. Manuscripts that quote other people's writings (directly), which are the same as the original copy, must be put in quotation marks for sentences that are less than five lines; or if the quote is longer than five lines, the paragraph must be indented, and different font sizes apply.
3. Mention the source of other people's ideas used, both from published and unpublished writings, both oral and written sources, in any form of media.
Provisions and actions to be taken by the Editorial Board regarding plagiarism are as follows:
1. Manuscripts with a similarity index above 20% will be rejected.
2. Manuscripts with a similarity index below 20% will be accepted and proceed to the next process.