Indonesian Journal of International Relations


IJIR is an Indonesian peer reviewed journal, focusing on the issues of international relations both in the regional and international scope. This journal covers wide range of topics on international relations involving Indonesia or analytical work from Indonesia’s point of view, to enrich the existing study of international relations.

As the official journal published by the Indonesian Association for International Relations (Asosiasi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Indonesia/AIHII), IJIR is endorsed by all members of the association and is a product of collaboration among the IR scholars in Indonesia. It bears a mandate beyond a particular IR study program or university and rightly represents the IR scholars’ community in Indonesia. It serves as a platform to disseminate ideas and a source of reference for scholars, researchers, students, practitioners and general readers interested in Indonesia, particularly related to its standing on the world political stage as well as its relations with other states. It aims to publish high-quality articles to provide academic contribution and policy-making consideration through the dissemination of solid theoretical and empirical research. This journal represents no particular school, approach, or methodology nor it is restricted to Indonesian scholar only. It welcomes a wide-variety of articles including topics on security, political economy, international trade, globalization, regionalism, diplomacy, strategy and others. It is an annual online publication with limited print edition.